myAfroshop is more than just a simple african shop. Our aim is to make our customer happy and fullly satisfy. We are counting on repeat business. You will find almost everything concerning the african culture at myAfroshop. myAfroshop refers to transactions outside of Africa, we sale everyday items which covers the needs of people from different countries. In addition, we offer tailored services.

Our range

One focus is on foods that are required for traditional African dishes such as plantain, ndole, yam, frozen or dried fish, fufu, dried shrimp and Miondo.

A further focus is on skin care products that are designed for appropriate skin types, as well as products for the hair, such as hair care products, relaxer, artificial hair, other hair styling products and cosmetics.

Available is also African clothing and African art objects.

Our company offers various products which are mostly imported from Africa. Many years of experience in selling African specialties, ensures the quality that is expected.

We are very proud of the fact that myAfroshop has made great achievements. The success of myAfroshop is based purely on the appealing nature of our product variety and quality, the pricing structure, the reliable supply chain and the excellent customer relations.

If you still need more information about myAfroshop, please feel free to drop us a call or email and we will be very glad to tell you more about the success story of “myAfroshop”.